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Mystery solved! Sort of....

Hey, guess what! I was just browsing Rollfast stuff on ebay and came across this bike. This is what my bike probably looked like (more or less) once upon a time. And you know what? My fork IS the original Rollfast fork! Here's where I went seriously wrong: because the bike had 26" wheels on it when I bought it, I assumed that was the proper size. Actually, it should have 24" wheels. It all makes sense now! I'm working with a stripped down version of what was once a fancy girl's bike, rather than a woman's.

Regardless, my bike will be pretty darned pretty when I'm done, and I will ride it with pride! It will probably look more like a Schwinn than a Rollfast with the spring fork, but it's a crazy custom job, right? And I need the 26" wheels so the bike will be big enough for my height. It's all going to work out in the end.

Now I know what to look for in a vintage girl's bike frame, size-wise. Never trust the wheel size alone! Live and learn! Please disregard all my past theories. :)

Case closed.

PS I should add that trying to research anything about vintage cruisers is a crapshoot at best. If I seem to be floundering, it's because there really aren't many books about vintage bikes other than picture books. I can't even find a book about basic bicycle repair that touches on one-speeds! It's too bad I'm not into multi-speed bikes, there seems to be a ton of information on those.


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Aug. 21st, 2008 06:08 am (UTC)
That bike you linked to looks like my 1st bike I had when I was little! I had the banana seat & my bike was PURPLE! Of course, it was stolen out of my backyard along with my sisters...DAMN IT! hee hee!
Aug. 21st, 2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
You probably had one of those cute banana seat bikes with the little wheels that people make into low riders nowadays! Those are really cool! I never had one of those, I actually didn't learn to ride a bike until I was a little older (I have no idea why, I just didn't have a bike) and then I had a Mongoose, a BMX style bike. I was such a tomboy!
Aug. 21st, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
yeah, I had that banana seat bike, and then got a 10 speed when that got stolen...I pretty much always had a bike growing up. I remember Michelle used to ride a cruiser & it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lame! haa haa!! I mean it was the late 70s & NOBODY rode CRUISERS...a THREE SPEED??! HA! Everyone had the 10 speeds, baby! That's where it was at!
Aug. 21st, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
In my neighborhood, it was all about BMX bikes! I had a ten speed when I was in high school (that I put a billion miles on). But I remember one time my cousin was visiting, I think we were both about 9 or 10, and she wanted to ride bikes but the only other bike we had (besides my stylin' Mongoose) was my mom's 1950's Schwinn cruiser and my cousin was all embarassed riding it! Ha ha! Cruisers WERE totally uncool back then.
Aug. 21st, 2008 10:02 am (UTC)
i had a similar schwinnin the 60's in pink and white :-( i miss her, she was comfortable!
Aug. 21st, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, I bet it was a beautiful bike!
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